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EW Data Exchange helps electricity market participants share information and coordinate operations to maximize the value of clean and distributed energy resources.

Today most grids are like ancient cities, with layers of digital ductwork spanning multiple eras and architectures.

As grids become more diverse and dynamic, maintaining point-to-point integrations between dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of participants is not only costly, but potentially risky. Scaling existing systems to interface with an ever increasing array of stakeholders – from assets to aggregators, and regulators to retailers – is simply not viable.

Introducing EW Data Exchange, a solution that dramatically streamlines communications and data processing between organizations without a central broker. Any protocol, any use case, all with a single integration.

Enterprises can use EW Data Exchange to:

Establish dynamic, tamper-proof registries for distributed energy resources
Improve coordination of real-time operations between wholesale (transmission) and local (distribution) markets and services
Streamline back-end data exchange between retailers, aggregators, and grid operators to facilitate customer enrollment and switching
Simplify operations for e-mobility solutions, like roaming, advanced tariffs, and vehicle-to-grid programs
Improve reliability and performance of executing sensitive business logic that impacts multiple market stakeholders
Reduce operating costs and improve security by replacing point-to-point integrations with a shared messaging and storage infrastructure.

Who is it for?

Enterprise Data Exchange helps
establish regional platforms to coordinate DER registration, enrollment, and operations in both distribution (retail) programs and transmission (wholesale) markets.
Transmission System Operators
leverage distribution network information to inform wholesale market operations and transmission planning.
Distribution Utilities
procure services from DER and communicate dynamic distribution constraints to transmission operators to inform wholesale market operations.
reduce administrative burdens and costs while maximizing revenue when enrolling DER in multiple demand flexibility programs.

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