Tomorrow’s Renewable Energy and Carbon Markets Start Here 

EW Origin helps grow renewable energy markets and increase efficiency of carbon trading with SDKs that simplify and enhance the issuance, ownership tracking, and buying/selling of renewable energy certificates (RECs), guarantees of origin (GOs), and related green attribute products.
For established renewables and carbon markets, EW Origin creates value by increasing data transparency and granularity, enabling participation of small customers previously excluded from REC and GO markets, and trustlessly matching buyers and sellers. For emerging renewables and carbon markets, EW Origin presents a digital leapfrog opportunity to establish and grow markets for renewables.
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Origin delivers a variety of technical, functional, and societal benefits, including:

Consistent UX Across Geographies:

For multinational corporations, buying and selling across multiple geographies and green attributes markets becomes seamless and familiar.

Automated, Granular Data:

Tracking down to the kilowatt-hour level—paired with real-time carbon accounting—offers unprecedented detail and transparency.

Plug-and-Play Ready:

Easily adapted to integrate with existing markets and tracking systems, and is regulation-friendly for new, emerging markets.

Expanded Functionality:

Enables new use cases, such as aggregation, demand matching, and bridging previously disconnected markets (i.e., renewable energy and carbon offset markets).

Lower Transaction Costs:

Automation via smart contracts and market disintermediation streamlines costs.

Greater Market Access:

Granular data and lower costs open the market to smaller buyers and sellers previously excluded from opaque markets dominated by large buyers and sellers.
The Energy Web is an open-source, scalable blockchain platform specifically designed for the energy sector’s regulatory, operational, and market needs.

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