Origin (PTT)

Energy Web, PTT Digital
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APAC, Thailand

Origin (PTT)

PTT is working with EWF to develop a state-of-the-art digital renewables platform that enables straightforward and transparent renewable energy procurement, supports participation from different types of energy assets, and fosters the development of new renewable energy projects. PTT will use this platform, which is fully compliant with I-REC, to help corporate buyers better meet their procurement needs in the region.

The Energy Web is an open-source, scalable blockchain platform specifically designed for the energy sector’s regulatory, operational, and market needs.

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While controversy continues to swirl around tech and social giant #Facebook, ... some believe that their #Libra cryptocurrency could be their chance at redemption. @Forbes https://t.co/ZaUEuuiHFc

This is especially true thanks to solutions like #EWOrigin, a #blockchain-based ... tool for #renewableenergy markets which will allow smaller players to take part in clean energy purchasing like never before.

Are you a #utility that has "implemented advanced technologies to encourage wise... and careful use of #energy and water"? You can apply for this award through our #EWFAffiliate @ItronInc for excellence in resourcefulness. Apply here: https://t.co/NN4IcQH3wd

Today and tomorrow at @IRENA Innovation Day Conference in Uruguay: EWF's ... @DougJMillerJr will be speaking on #blockchain solutions and applications in #energy. Stop by to listen and say hello!

"EWF wants to do the same thing to #energy transactions as the app store did to ... your phone. The nonprofit just launched the #EWChain... the first #blockchain platform tailored to the energy sector, designed to support and verify energy transactions." https://t.co/jU6fjDIh2g

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