EW Origin

Tomorrow’s renewable energy and carbon markets start here.

Energy Web Foundation is developing EW Origin—a customizable, open-source decentralized application for renewable energy and carbon markets that simplifies and enhances the way in which customers procure renewable energy.

EW Origin will unlock the beginning of a new era for the world’s renewable energy and carbon markets. The dApp securely and automatically records the provenance of renewable energy generation in addition to tracking ownership with unprecedented transparency, integrity, and detail—including location, time, source type, and CO2 emissions.

Origin delivers a variety of technical, functional, and societal benefits, including:


New, enhanced, more-granular, and automated data at the kWh level with real-time carbon accounting data


Consistent user experience across geographic markets


Integration of previously disconnected markets, such as renewable energy and carbon offset markets


Plug-and-play adaptability for new and existing certificate of origin markets and associated tracking systems


Lower transaction costs through automation (via smart contracts) and disintermediation


Greater access for generators and buyers of all sizes to renewable energy markets


Expanded functionality and new use cases, such as aggregation and demand matching


Innovative new services built using Origin’s foundational, customizable, open-source code and running on the Energy Web


EWF is collaborating with renewable energy buyers and developers over the course of 2018 to showcase Origin’s functionality and receive feedback from industry. To learn more about running a pilot, please contact Doug Miller at doug.miller@energyweb.org.