How to Join

Affiliate Benefits

Becoming an Affiliate of the Energy Web Foundation provides the highest leverage R&D investment in blockchain technology in the energy sector. EWF provides the following benefits to Affiliates:
Technology – EWF will create a single, open source platform for the foundational layers of the overall energy blockchain system, avoiding duplication of effort across the industry. Affiliates have early access to the technology.
Use case development – Affiliates have access to EWF’s use case research and development projects.
Ecosystem – Affiliates have exclusive access to an EWF managed ecosystem of application developers and energy sector technology providers to develop commercial applications.

Education – Affiliates have access to EWF educational material for regulators and standards makers to accelerate blockchain adoption in the energy sector. 
In summary, EWF is about sharing what makes sense to share through a non-profit organization before Affiliates move into commercial and competitive operations.

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