D3A: Decentralized Autonomous Area Agent

The Energy Web Foundation is currently developing D3A: the decentralized autonomous area agent. The D3A is a blockchain-based market model for transactive electric grids, including peer-to-peer approaches. It uses software agents on energy producing or consuming devices connected to the grid to bid into open, hierarchical markets for energy transactions.

Built using smart contracts, the D3A market scheme includes spot and balancing markets, automating the core technical processes of grid balancing and operation on the blockchain. In the D3A market, prosumers can readily trade flexible capacity from distributed energy resources (DERs), including distributed production, energy storage and demand response.

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EWF is developing the D3A via two distinct workstreams:

1. A cloud-based simulation environment for configuring and testing transactive markets in specific grid topologies that will be available to the public for testing in Summer 2018.

2. EWF plans to deploy the open-source D3A market model on the EW Blockchain in partnership with organizations across the blockchain and energy ecosystem.

If you’re an individual or organization conducting research, undertaking demonstration projects, and/or interested in physical implementation of D3A and transactive energy, please contact us at D3A@energyweb.org.