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Energy Web (EW) is a global nonprofit organization accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of open-source, decentralized technologies. EW focuses on building core infrastructure and shared technology, speeding adoption of commercial solutions, and fostering a community of practice. 

In 2019 EW launched the Energy Web Chain, the world’s first open-source, enterprise blockchain platform tailored to the energy sector. EW’s technology roadmap has since grown into the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS), a full stack that includes front-end applications and a variety of software development toolkits. EW also grew the world’s largest energy-sector ecosystem—comprising utilities, grid operators, renewable energy developers, corporate energy buyers, and others—focused on open-source, decentralized digital technologies.

Building Core Infrastructure and Shared Technology:

We developed and steward the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS), an open-source stack of decentralized software and standards—including the Energy Web Chain and various SDKs—that support two primary use cases: 1) clean energy and carbon emissions traceability and 2) using distributed energy resources to increase grid flexibility. 

EW-DOS is the grid’s new digital DNA, a shared technology running on a decentralized network maintained by some of the world’s most-respected energy companies.

Speeding Adoption of Commercial Solutions:

We work directly with energy market participants to build and deploy market-specific commercial solutions on top of EW-DOS.

We also support, convene, and advise market participants on how to create business and customer value with blockchain and other digital technologies.

Fostering a Community of Practice:

As a mission-driven nonprofit, we are fostering a sustainable ecosystem around EW-DOS. We built the world’s largest energy-sector ecosystem focused on open-source, decentralized tech. 

We foster community through a) training and education on decentralized technologies and b) connecting peers across the industry who are facing similar challenges and pioneering decentralized solutions together.
The Energy Web is accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of open-source, decentralized, digital technologies.

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